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Mark Heymann

Who is Mark Heymann?

Labor performance and staff engagement are key strategic components of how successful businesses maximize profitability. Mark is one of the world’s leading labor performance, employee engagement, and productivity gurus. With over four decades of international experience and his creative strategic thinking expertise, he provides businesses with transformational recommendations that deliver brilliant outcomes.

Whether it’s optimizing staffing levels, streamlining processes, re-thinking operational efficiencies, and determining appropriate technologies, Mark works collaboratively to produce innovative solutions that drive short and long-term success and competitive advantage.

Connect with Mark

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What People are Saying

Ali Powell

Managing Director of Commercial Acceleration

“Mark is the world-leading expert on labor productivity. He has a highly creative and insight-driven approach to problem solving. If you are looking for someone to connect the dots, Mark is your man. With his people first approach, he is someone who everyone would want as their leader and has a wonderful sense of humour."

Innovative Insights

Scheduling: Updated For A Service Economy

When you consider productivity and labor management, scheduling is always part of the conversation. And over the years, scheduling has become an integral part of ERP systems, but the term scheduling is really not sufficient for today’s service-based economy. Demands have changed, and because of it, scheduling must take on a whole new meaning.

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